St. Louis Opener Tease & Squeeze

Cubs went the night with a few hits as the Cardinals kept pace with Jon Lester, last night.  

Sad part at the beginning was coming to the realization of seeing Dexter Fowler as a Cardinal but,  I’ll get used to it.

Wilson Contreras bats in the 9th, and slams it out to tie the game at 3.  Getting ahead of myself, and set for the 10th.

Upon a pinch, I realize the Cards will play out their hand in the bottom of the 9th but, I figure it to be a mere formality.  No worries.

To the 10th!  I forgot.  The Cardinals can score for a 4th time to end it in the 9th.  Bases include a Cardinals runner on 3rd.

There would be no 10th.  There would be a St. Louis hit, and that 4th St. Louis run would score in the 9th.  Final, 4-3 St. Louis.

These 2 clubs take a day off on Monday, reconvening Tuesday in St. Louis.


What do you think?

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