This Is A Baseball Joke; Right?

No joke, just run!  The ball’s missing but, is it in play?  Can I run?  Hey!  Run first, and we’ll check it out upon your arrival.

It was strike three but,  the ball was kind of dropped, and Cardinals Catcher Yadier Molina had the baseball but, Molina didn’t know it until Matt Szczur batting for the Pitcher, John Lackey ran to first on a wild strike-out.

How was it Molina couldn’t find the baseball?  It was stuck to his chest protector.  Alright, that’s not suppose to happen.  Why would you look on your chest protector?  Hey look, literally, and legally the ball’s in play.

Seventh inning with Schwarber at the plate.  Cubs batting in a losing battle that would become a Cubs 6-4 victory.

Schwarber gets his pitch launching ‘his’ pitch up, and 400+ feet out at an exit velocity of 112+mph. 

The Cubs have all the official info. on the Cubs rubber game victory in St. Louis.

The Cubs begin a three game series with the Brewers tonight in Milwaukee before opening at Wrigley Field with the Dodgers on Monday.


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