David Ross Returns To Wrigley

The Dodgers were in town, and there would be a rain delay before the game could be completed between L.A. and the Cubbies.

What a night it would be, because banners from the 2016 World Series would be raised to fly over Wrigley Field.

Wouldn’t it be great on such a night where the Champion flags are raised if David Ross returns to Wrigley Field?  Short lived retirement?  Some of us might hope so but, that wouldn’t be the case.

Instead, it was the new scoreboard giving reason to the modernization at Wrigley Field

The Cubs are back at play for the 2017 baseball season minus David Ross but, Ross is spending his first year of baseball retirement on ABC-tv’s Dancing With The Stars.

So….why not?  Cubs fans would get to once more see Ross enduring through his season on TV during a rain delay at Wrigley Field.

It was a banner night at Wrigley Field as Championship banners were raised, David Ross returned to Wrigley Field,  and the Cubs would get themselves a victory against the Dodgers in a nail biter!

All the nail biting, game statistics are a given from the Cubs.

What do you think?

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