Cubs Looking Good

The World Champion Cubs are looking good but, they’re only going to get better.

So far, it’s been three, 3 game series against the Cards, Brewers, and Dodgers.  In each, the Cubs have taken 2 out of 3.

Fan favorite, David Ross was missing from the line-up but, danced his way across the scoreboard at Wrigley Field to the delight of 41,000 fans as he continued competition on ABC-tv’s Dancing With The Stars.

Ross managed a trip to Chicago amidst the Dancing With The Stars competition where he appeared in person to lead the crowd with the traditional Wrigley version of ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game.’

The Drivers are driving from the plate!  Pitchers pitching the pitch!

Dexter Fowler is at home in St. Louis but so what?  Jason Heyward is hitting next to .300.  

Cubs catching was given a season to mature on the heels of Ross’ retirement, and the timing is just right for excellent!  The infield, and outfield defense is outstanding, and destined to get better!



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