Brews Breeze

This couldn’t be happening.  No, no , no. 4-1 Milwaukee after 5.

If an MLB game without inclement weather could be won in 5, the Cubs might once again be suffering another loss but the Cubs scored another run in the 6th,  in a so far a 4-2 breeze for the Brewers.

No rain or, other delays as the game continued.  2 Runs on the plus side for Milwaukee over to the late innings.

It was zelch, and zelch in the 7th.  Still 4-2.

There would be some 8th inning heroics as the Cubs move within 1.

The Brewers were working with an advantageous breeze with no expectations of too much more than that breeze.  

Winds building to the bottom of the 9th with only 3 outs to go, and a 4-3 lead.

The Wrigley Field faithful were not prepared to just let it go.  So, they didn’t, and the Cubs would answer with some hitting, and running in the 9th.

There would be some 9th inning heroics as the Cubs would post 4 in the run column for the win.   

It was at that very moment the Brews’ breeze died down in favor of a Cubs whirlwind victory at Wrigley.

All the details from the Cubs.


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