No Sin – See This

By the time the 6th inning was over, the Cincinnati Reds had a 5-2 lead over the Cubs in Cincinnati.

To the top of the 9th, still 5-2.  Just 3 outs left, and there would be a home park celebration.

There is a problem,though.  The Cubs do have their opportunity.  The Cubs have as of late become, if anything, opportunistic.  3 outs to a loss or……..

How about putting some base runners on?  Okay, why not?  A couple on but, only 3 outs for Cincy, and the Reds to call it good for the night.  

However, keeping in line with opportunities, Anthony Rizzo to the plate who promptly unleashes a 3 run HR sending the game to extras.  It’s 5-5 after 9.

For the game tie HR check out the video from the Cubs with a game wrap.



What do you think?

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