Cubs Score The Big Bucs

A ten, and four ones to be exact.

What, and who led the Cubs from the offense?  The what was a 3 run HR, and the Who was Jason Heyward.  

Heyward’s meticulous off season attention to re-inventing  himself for his plate appearances for 2017 is paying off.  

Addison Russell added 4 hits to his 2017 ledger.

The Pirates were still in the game after 1 at a 4-1 deficit.  By the time the 2nd inning was over, the Pirates were not in their best position as the Cubs added another 5 runs.  A 9-1 deficit for the Pirates playing at home.

The Cubs would add another 5 through the game , while the Pirates added another 2.

Brett Anderson did some decent pitching work while almost getting pulverized by, a throw across the field from 3rd to 1st.  He ducked in classic style.   Anderson also chimed in from the other side of the pitching position with a batting performance translating in to a base hit.

Detailed reports on the game from the official Cubs Home Plate.


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