Green Monster Knuckler Knuckled Under

The Green Monster threw their best knuckler, Steven Wright.  He throws some funky fingered stuff.  That’s what a knuckler is; Right off the finger nails, slower than most but, dances a Tango when it should have been a Bunny Hop.  And nobody in the game, knows where the pitch ends up at home, including the Pitcher.

Knucklers are known for Passed Balls charged to a Catcher, and maybe several wild pitches.  However, on the other end of the bat, Hitters can be devastated by the pitch.

It is a pitch that has been argued as a cheat pitch rather than,  fair game.

That’s the kind of game it was, last night as the Cubs had to face funky fingered Wright.

Before another national tv broadcast of game 3 from Boston tonight, the Cubs bring you all the details of last night’s game from home plate.



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