Cubs Win Streak On Deck

Cubs were losing this Sunday contest at the Green Monster by a score of 2-0.  Cubs fans know the old ‘lovable losers’  have long departed, and the Cubs do come back. Early or, late this club is always coming at their opponents.

So, yes the Cubs did come back to tie the game.

By the time the 7th was over, the way these two clubs were playing some might have been thinking extras.  On the other hand both were prepared to come back in regulation play.

In the 8th, Boston scored 4, and the Cubs were coming no more, posting a 6-2 loss.

Cubs went home to Wrigley Field to face the Philadelphia Phillies.

Moving on to home plate, you’ll get details of the Cubs return home, and the 1st of 4 with the Philadelphia squad.   It was a shellacking putting the Cubs on the wrong side of the win/loss ledger.  

I can only say, it’s time for one of those Cubs winning streaks that made them great last year, and will make them better this year.

The Cubs were on deck with a new win streak, and now they move from on deck ready to deliver.



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