Really! You Can’t Cry In Baseball

Tom Hanks said so,  and I tried my own way of grieving by, not talking about the Yan….the Yank….  The New York invasion at Wrigley.

The Cubs get to Colorado, and met with hail.  Lots of hail which postponed the scheduled Monday game.  All the better.  I was working incognito in case Tom Hanks were to drop by.

Anyway, yesterday’s game not played, and today it’s a split day twin spin.  Two games making for a long day, and night for the 2016 World Champs.

What does Chicago need?  I’m sure Theo Epstein is checking on opportunities for quality, younger pitching.  

Jake Arrieta will be a free agent next year, and the question will be how much Theo Epstein will want to keep him at this point.  To me, Lackey is no longer a starter, and can maybe be used as middle relief.  

Jon Lester is beginning to lose that absolute, unquestionable control though, still absolutely effective but, with a higher ERA from last year.  If you look at stats ytd, the pitching ERA is problematic.

I realize it is not the only pitching stat but, very telling when most exceed 3.00 as an ERA.

How will the Cubs re-pitch themselves back to a World Series in 2017?  I leave that to Chief Architect, Theo Epstein.



What do you think?

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