What A Difference A Year Makes

Last year, the Cubs were already dancing their way to a World Series victory.

So what’s the difference?  Well….it is a year later.

One could argue it is basically the same team.  Well, basically, in the most basic terms, it is the same team.

All right, so then, what’s the problem?

Injuries.  Okay there are some but, every team is subject to injuries.

Last year’s pitching isn’t pitching like last year, and the healthy hitters are not hitting like last year.

How many times have we seen a year to year repeat of the World Champions?  A stand-out of back to backs have to be the Bronx Bombers of the 1950’s, and 60’s.  The Yankees killed it back then with Mantle, and Maris.

This is unusual, as was “The Big Red Machine” of Cincinnati.  Johnny Bench, and Pete Rose among others.

Who can do that?  Not too many.

The Chicago team limps out of St. Louis with 1 win.

Homestand against a somewhat smaller “Red Machine” begins tonight from Wrigley Field.

Getting home is a good thing.



What do you think?

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