40 Runs In 3 Games

The Cubs got 25 of the 40 runs, and connected for a sweep of the Reds at Wrigley Field.  

How well will Cubs hitters hang on now with clubs having pitching the Cubs are not as fond?  The Cubs have liked Reds pitching for awhile, and they needed this connect with the Reds.  Let’s see if this spreads like a cold no matter whether the Cubs characteristically like or, dislike pitching of one team or, another.

Pitching is another story.  Cubs pitching has given up 15 runs in the same time period of 3 games.  

By baseball standards, Cubs pitching has its’ share of problems beginning with not being nearly as effective as last year.  Over all, they’re getting older.  Some contracts are in question sooner than later.  

Theo Epstein is going to have to take a long look in a short time at pitching if, the Cubs are expected to compete in 2017 championship play.

Six games remain on this home stand as the Brewers are in for 3 at Wrigley Field, followed by, the Giants, and then the Cubs begin a Southern California swing with the Dodgers, and Padres to complete the month of May. 




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