Southern Cal Swing and A Miss

A visit to Dodger Stadium was a sweep for the home team.  A 3 game losing streak for the Cubs.

San Diego should be a break but, no, not really.  First two against the Padres was a Dodger Stadium replay as far as the W-L ledger goes.

The offense is much the same as the 2016 World Champions but, tapping in to the same offense is not as easy as last year.  Last year, the Cubs had momentary lapses on their way to 103 wins.  

This year, the Cubs have gotten momentary streaks of hitting, and momentary streaks of pitching all for a below .500 record, so far.

Big question, when does hitting, and pitching get in to a simultaneous winning groove just like last year?  

This is going to take some patience but, time is a factor, and very quickly this will not be a young season.

Will Theo Epstein have to become involved in a trade?  Who would be on the block for who?

I have no idea what Epstein has planned but, I guess it’s for Theo to know, and we’ll find out.

Not to be left in waiting, let’s hope the Cubs perfect the connect in San Diego, today.

The latest score is always available at home.


What do you think?

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