Mets Monster Blew Me Away

It was only but a few days ago that I was blown away by the Mets Monster but, then the Cubs blew away the Mets Monster.  However, the monster thing blew up on me when the Mets put the Cubs away in the last of 3.  That blew me away.

I needed a day off…..or so to sleep through this.  The Cubs went on to Pittsburgh, and won 2 out of 3.   ….And now, the Cubs prep to take a broom out, and remove the Padres from Wrigley Field.

Tomorrow night, the Cubs begin a new road trip from Miami.  

We are obviously close to the half way point where last year Bryant, and Rizzo were inching in on .300 batting averages with many other regulars mixing it up in the .270+ area.  

The pitching ERAs were lower overall, last year with some needing to move the ERA back this year, down at least a point if not closer to 2.

I’m not saying the Cubs don’t have an outside chance at some Championship play this year, it’s just that last year that chance was more than an outside chance from the inside, out.

I hope I’m wrong, and these guys can put together a super 2nd half this year as they did last year from the start.

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