The Game Is Suffering

Look at the NL Standings.  Only in the West!  That’s where some strength shows, as the Dodgers are leading the pack with a .659 winning percentage.

All other teams in the NL are in the .500s or, less.  To think of a team losing close to half or more of their games for the year, and still, somehow can qualify to play for the World Series.  

I’m not sure how to fix this, and maybe I’m out of step with other fans but, what happened to the power house days when every team really deserved their spot in the playoffs?

Last year, two of the worthiest clubs staked their spots for the World Series.  It was a fan’s match-up that piqued with excitement during each of 7 games.

It is hard to believe the Cubs of last year, are playing as they are right now.  Where did that team go?  Many of the same players are still playing for the Cubs.  They lost Dexter Fowler but, Jason Heyward has shown he really can hit.

Schwarber seems to have fallen apart since the Series, so much so, he got a trip to Iowa.

Rizzo was out with a bad ankle but, is back for today’s game in Cincinnati.  Zobrist has also returned from the DL as Hendricks, and Heyward are flirting with some DL activity.

I can only surmise an answer to my earlier question would be a continual injury parade is where last year’s relatively healthy team has gone.

So far today, Contreras, and Jay have long ball action as the game plays on in the 5th at Cincinnati with the Cubs down by, 1. 

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