Return To Sender

As clear as an Elvis Presley song, Iowa returned Kyle Schwarber to sender, at the  Wrigley Field address that’s well known.   There is definitely a number.  1060 West Addison St. in Chicago.

A few lyrics changed along with a different story line from the song, and Schwarber’s back after ripping them a new one at AAA, Iowa.  He hit in the mid .300’s.

Theo Epstein remarked; “Not for a rebuild.  Schwarber went down with a BA that warranted a second look in slow motion to bring the slugger out of a funk.”   Epstein was noted saying “Schwarber accomplished everything the Cubs wanted in Iowa.”

John Lackey assigned to DL.

Milwaukee was in town for a make-up game, today.  It’s all over, and I’m speechless so, I’ll  get you home to score the details.


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