Trusting The Pros

The Cubs have a new LHP who comes to the team from the other side of town, and just before the Crosstown play gets under way on the 24th.

Judging by numbers alone, and knowing my favored stat being the ERA, I’ve got my yawn song singing but, I’m the fan.  I’m not the seasoned pro baseball executive.

There was  a time, only a few seasons ago, preceding the world championship year of 2016, I was ready to take over for Theo Epstein.  Turns out, my expertise was not needed.

That said, looking at the numbers, I’ll trust Theo Epstein’s latest Cubs acquirement of Jose Quintana from the White Sox in exchange for 4 prospects.  

Quintana’s ERA is 4.49 this year with the Cubs crosstown rivals.  Let’s remember, a 4.49 ERA in the A.L. may not be the same thing in the N.L.  

The possibility exists where one pitching coach sees something, another doesn’t.  Sometimes it’s line-up for line-up where the measurement is tipped one way or, the other. 

Team executives look in nooks, and crannies where I don’t look.  How fast can his pitches be thrown?  How many curves, change-ups or, knuckles, and twists are there to this pitcher’s repertoire that fit the vacancy?

Now you have good reasons for fans to remain fans without condemning those running the show. 

This might be a good time to run home, and collect the official details.


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