Cubs Throw D.C. A Curve

The 5th game deciding the Division play-offs.  Cubs, and Nationals.

The Cubs lost no time scoring the first run but, the game was far from over.

Early on it was looking good for the Nats in the 2nd as they took a 4-1 lead. 

Strasburg was not going to be used against the Cubs but, lurking in the shadows was Max Scherzer.

Scherzer came on but, so did the Cubs as Scherzer was ineffective in relief, and the Cubs score 4 in the 5th.  

This was not Kyle Hendrick’s night, either.  Bullpens on both sides were saturated with all pitchers; Starters, and relievers.

This game took 4.5 hours, and then some to go 9.  Only the Cubs can shake my nerves like this for almost 5 hours.  Can’t they just win? 

It could have been anybody’s game, and Cubs fans were shaken by that fact as D.C. pushed ahead, again midway through this telethon.

…Unbelievable?  Well, statistically the game shouldn’t have ended like it ended.  You can understand why my nerves were shot as the Cubs were holding on to a 1 run lead.  Bryce Harper is up with Davis on the mound for the Cubs.

Don’t misunderstand.  Davis is good…very good but, Harper has a reputation.  A hitter’s hitter.  If he swats it, I go to a medium depressed state. 

Davis was working above, and beyond Harper’s reputation. Davis struck him out to end the Nats hopes of pushing ahead.

Now we’ve got the Cubs facing the Dodgers in the NLCS.  

 Fly the W!

More videos, pics, and commentary on the plate at home.



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