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Mets Monster Blew Me Away

It was only but a few days ago that I was blown away by the Mets Monster but, then the Cubs blew away the Mets Monster.  However, the monster thing blew up on me when the Mets put the Cubs away in the last of 3.  That blew me away. I needed a day off…..or …

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Rizzo Likes Cincy Pitching

There is a reason for expensive walls.  That purpose:  Anthony Rizzo knocking the ball over them in Cincinnati as he delivers, again.  Another HR.  3 long balls in 3 days. Sounds good except for one thing.  Cubs did not sweep the Reds at the Cincinnati home. Another consistency in the Cubs lineup is; Jason Heyward who …

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Close Mouth, Bite Tongue

This is what I am obligated to do during the off season as a Cubs fan.  Close mouth, bite tongue. I still have fingers, a keyboard, computer, etc.  So yes, I can fulfill my literal obligation.  For one fleeting moment this off season, I didn’t have to force the issue.  All I could muster was …

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