Cubs Need Nat Relief

The Cubs have lost their last 3.  2 to D-backs, and 1 to Washington.

The good news: Even with that losing streak, the Cubs lead their division by a half game.

The Cubs have 2 afternoon contests beginning today at Wrigley Field with the Nationals, and will close out the home stand on Sunday.  The Cubs then head for San Francisco for a Monday night contest.

John Lackey starts for the Cubs on Saturday.  Edwin Jackson, the former Cub will start for the Nats.

I’ve been doing a little bit of research, and if the Nats begin to mount an attack here is how Lackey can put a stop to it  before it gets out of control.

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Cubs Increase Octane To Finish

….and while we’re at it, why not two tigers in the tank?  

As this very successful 1960’s advertising campaign suggested, the Cubs had follow through with a dip in to their highly talented youth movement to obtain some pitching, and catching from Detroit before the trade deadline.


From the top prospect list, Detroit will receive Jeimer Candelario, Isaac Paredes a shortstop from class A, and a player to be named later or, the Cubs will pay out some dollars to the Tigers.

First, the Cubs have added to the left side of the bullpen with pitcher, Justin Wilson running well below a  3.00 ERA.

But wait!  Yes, you guessed it; There’s more!

The Cubs got some more help behind the plate from former Tigers backup catcher, Alex Avila who comes to the Cubs with a .274 BA.

The Cubs have an off day, today after securing 2 wins from the Brewers out of 3 played in Milwaukee.  

Wrigley Field will be open for business again, beginning tomorrow night as the Cubs will play 3 ea. with the D-backs, and Nats.

In other Cubs news, Steve Bartman, the fan who reached out for a foul ball in 2003, and wrongly accused of costing the Cubs a playoff spot was given a World Series ring by, the top management of the ball club.  The Cubs management team wanted to somehow make up for a wrong, and make it right.

Bartman reportedly gratefully received the gift, and advised the press through the Cubs organization that his only statement would be his communication with the Cubs. 

The press was full of accusations of Bartman costing the Cubs an opportunity to go further in post season play in 2003.  Personally, I think some of that blame goes out to the natural reaction of Cubs fielder in pursuit, Moises Alou.

Bartman reacted like several other fans next to him.  It just so happens Bartman was located in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Closest to the ball.

The opportunities for the Cubs to go further in 2003 had nothing what so ever to do with Bartman.  

It was up to the Cubs to win or, lose.  They lost, and that team can blame itself for not scoring more runs, or a pitcher on that team not being more effective with the opposing line-up.  

If I wanted to get more direct, and precise about the whole thing, I could ask Moises Alou why he didn’t get one more hit than he did get?  

I expect more from an MLB player than, just maintaining his
anti-fan attitude.  He should be first in line apologizing for his less than professional attitude.

If the fan base doesn’t exist, neither does Moises Alou.

To tie the Cubs loss in that game to one foul ball is ridiculous, and Bartman did not deserve the negative notoriety brought on by the press, and some of the fan base.

There’s more on the 1st place Cubs at home.

Winner 2017 Crosstown Cup

The Cubs get another Crosstown Cup to their credit, winning 3 of 4 from the White Sox this past week.

On to Miller Park, and a 2-1 loss to begin the 1st of 3 with the Brewers.

Talk about living life in the past, I almost referred to the Brewers as the Braves. Keyboarding the first 3 letters were very telling by the time I got to letter number 3.

Jason Heyward covered ground in Milwaukee like an All-Star as reported at home.

Cubs Burn Rubber; Meet Chicago’s Sox

The Cubs long time division rival St. Louis Cardinals went 1 & 1 with the Cubs screeching rubber for a game 3 win.  

The Red Birds were now eager to fly out of Wrigley Field but, had their wings clipped, sporting merely 1 win out of 3 games at Wrigley Field.

That means the Cubs are growing in the groove.  The winning groove is becoming more prevalent.

The Cubs have maintained a 1-1 record at Wrigley Field with their cross town rivals, and the Cubs will play 2 more with the WSox at Guaranteed Rate Field. 

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You Won’t Find Me Arguing The Point

Theo Epstein is an all knowing guru of baseball.  When all is looking down, just look up.

Epstein may add, and subtract here, and there but, he knows baseball.  He has a superior Field Manager, Joe Maddon who also knows baseball just like a guru as well.  

They both know the core of greatness on the field is already in the dugout.  Their job is to work with that core to bring out their absolute best.

Since the All-Star break, the Cubbies are 7-1,  suffering one loss vs. St. Louis.

Cubs, and Cards have a rubber game tonight at Wrigley Field. The Cubs will then play 4 against their cross town rivals.

There’s no point to argue.  They just need to keep going.

Let the groove keep groovin’!

Cubs 4 Game Win Streak Reigns After All Star Break

The Cubs may have discovered a group groove.  Three wins over Baltimore, and a win over Atlanta.

Tonight they begin their attempt at five wins as rain reigns over a delay.

Hopefully the weather will clear in Atlanta, and the Cubs will improve the groove!


Trusting The Pros

The Cubs have a new LHP who comes to the team from the other side of town, and just before the Crosstown play gets under way on the 24th.

Judging by numbers alone, and knowing my favored stat being the ERA, I’ve got my yawn song singing but, I’m the fan.  I’m not the seasoned pro baseball executive.

There was  a time, only a few seasons ago, preceding the world championship year of 2016, I was ready to take over for Theo Epstein.  Turns out, my expertise was not needed.

That said, looking at the numbers, I’ll trust Theo Epstein’s latest Cubs acquirement of Jose Quintana from the White Sox in exchange for 4 prospects.  

Quintana’s ERA is 4.49 this year with the Cubs crosstown rivals.  Let’s remember, a 4.49 ERA in the A.L. may not be the same thing in the N.L.  

The possibility exists where one pitching coach sees something, another doesn’t.  Sometimes it’s line-up for line-up where the measurement is tipped one way or, the other. 

Team executives look in nooks, and crannies where I don’t look.  How fast can his pitches be thrown?  How many curves, change-ups or, knuckles, and twists are there to this pitcher’s repertoire that fit the vacancy?

Now you have good reasons for fans to remain fans without condemning those running the show. 

This might be a good time to run home, and collect the official details.

Return To Sender

As clear as an Elvis Presley song, Iowa returned Kyle Schwarber to sender, at the  Wrigley Field address that’s well known.   There is definitely a number.  1060 West Addison St. in Chicago.

A few lyrics changed along with a different story line from the song, and Schwarber’s back after ripping them a new one at AAA, Iowa.  He hit in the mid .300’s.

Theo Epstein remarked; “Not for a rebuild.  Schwarber went down with a BA that warranted a second look in slow motion to bring the slugger out of a funk.”   Epstein was noted saying “Schwarber accomplished everything the Cubs wanted in Iowa.”

John Lackey assigned to DL.

Milwaukee was in town for a make-up game, today.  It’s all over, and I’m speechless so, I’ll  get you home to score the details.

The Game Is Suffering

Look at the NL Standings.  Only in the West!  That’s where some strength shows, as the Dodgers are leading the pack with a .659 winning percentage.

All other teams in the NL are in the .500s or, less.  To think of a team losing close to half or more of their games for the year, and still, somehow can qualify to play for the World Series.  

I’m not sure how to fix this, and maybe I’m out of step with other fans but, what happened to the power house days when every team really deserved their spot in the playoffs?

Last year, two of the worthiest clubs staked their spots for the World Series.  It was a fan’s match-up that piqued with excitement during each of 7 games.

It is hard to believe the Cubs of last year, are playing as they are right now.  Where did that team go?  Many of the same players are still playing for the Cubs.  They lost Dexter Fowler but, Jason Heyward has shown he really can hit.

Schwarber seems to have fallen apart since the Series, so much so, he got a trip to Iowa.

Rizzo was out with a bad ankle but, is back for today’s game in Cincinnati.  Zobrist has also returned from the DL as Hendricks, and Heyward are flirting with some DL activity.

I can only surmise an answer to my earlier question would be a continual injury parade is where last year’s relatively healthy team has gone.

So far today, Contreras, and Jay have long ball action as the game plays on in the 5th at Cincinnati with the Cubs down by, 1. 

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Padres Sweep The Sweep

The brooms were ready for a sweep at Wrigley but, housekeeping became unnecessary for the Cublets as the sweep was swept out of the stats by the Padres.

Heyward on the DL, and Schwarber to spend some time in Iowa.

This Cubs squad seems to be a little tired but, should be getting some help from Iowa to cover Heyward, and Schwarber’s spots.

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