Cubs Seek PC

No; the Cubs are not looking for a personal computer but, then again, maybe they are looking for a pc.

That isn’t what I had in mind.  They are looking for a new Pitching Coach as Chris Bosio has been relieved of his duties by, the Chicago Cubs.

The pitching staff was less than brilliant this year but, Bosio can be cited as the Coach behind Kyle Hendricks, and certainly the Jake Arrieta we have seen.  So, Bosio does not leave because of transformations to these pitchers, and others. 

It seems the Cubs feel much of the strength he might have been responsible for was, somehow siphoned off in 2017.  There were some rough ERA’s to contend with during the year, and an unfavorable walk rate. The pitchers expected to perform at one level, missed the bar over the entire season.

It seems as though the club might go outside of the franchise to find Bosio’s replacement.  If John Lackey sees the writing on the wall at his age, he might consider an Assistant Coaching position under a new PC. 

Lackey is known to be a good team mate, and a source of camaraderie in the dugout.  Lackey has also had a good career on the mound, and knows pitching mechanics. 

This could be a good beginning for John Lackey’s post game career.  Then again, he might return on the mound for another team if not the Cubs in 2018.


Bet You Didn’t Expect To Hear From Me

Well……here I am!  Yes, the Dodgers are going to the World Series which means the Cubs are not going to repeat.  At least not this year.

You, and I knew from the beginning this would be a big climb for the Cubs who did not shine like they did last year.  In fact, it was the Dodgers who shined like the Cubs in 2016.

The Dodgers had their run, slowed, and just like last year’s defending champs took baseball to the goal posts in 2017.

The Cubs had a great second half but, the Dodgers were the sport’s power team for this season!

I never stopped rooting for the impossible, last year, and was hoping for a renewed Cubs team to all of the sudden go on a 4 game winning streak against the Dodgers this year.  After all, the Cubs spotted Cleveland 3 games before moving on to the Crown last year.

Well, this wasn’t going to happen this time as L.A. wins the NLCS in Chicago.  Lights off at Wrigley until next year.

For what it’s worth, I’m thankful for the Cubs accomplishments this year, repeating as division champions.  Rest assured, I’m still flying the W! 

2018 is just around the corner!  All MLB squads get an advanced notice: The Cubs will be back for post season game play!

If the Cubs had to lose, I’m glad the franchise I grew up with is getting the nod in to the 2017 World Series.  

To reiterate what my blog already explains, I grew up in L.A. as a Dodger fan.

I got to focus on Major League Baseball in person for the first time in 1958 when the Dodgers played their first home games in Los Angeles from the L.A. Coliseum.

I remember watching Duke Snider in RF, and recall Gil Hodges at 1B.  Less vivid memories include Carl Furillo, Dick Gray, and PeeWee Reese.  More vivid is the lineup I remember verbatim when I was less than a pre-teen:  Wills, Gilliam, Moon, Larker, Howard, Snider, Roseboro, Neal, and the pitcher.  

MLB magic would be celebrated by Southern California for the first time in 1959 when the Dodgers brought the World Series trophy home to Los Angeles at the expense of Chicago’s White Sox.  I was just 9 y/o.

The Dodgers were pitcher rich in 1959 with Don Drysdale, Sandy Koufax, Larry Sherry, Clem Labine, Johnny Podres,  and several more.

If I recall correctly, Gil Hodges, and Duke Snider were still playing for the 1959 Dodgers. Taxing a memory gone south, I do believe Pee Wee Reese was coaching.

I have a long background as a Dodger fan but, I also think it would be nice for Houston to win the trophy considering Houston’s rough time with Hurricane Irma.

With that in mind, I’m happy for both teams getting to the Fall Classic, and will be glad to see either of them collecting the coveted Series Trophy.




Cubs Only 3 Down, Not Out…Again

The Dodgers have a 3 game lead in the NLCS but, it’s time once again for deja-vu, again!  (Thanks to Yogi Berra for the insight.)

It was 2016, and it looked as though Cubs fans would have to wait 109 years for a World Series Championship.  Cleveland had a commanding 3 game lead. 

Cubs Nay-sayers were aligned but, many of us were not willing to wait another year.  You know the story. 

There is every chance of bouncing back when you’re down but, not out.  The Cubs seem to play at their best when they’re down, and not out, especially during post season play.

All I can say here is, Bryant, and Rizzo need good wood for stacking up RBIs.  If the wood’s good through the lineup, the Cubs can do due damage on the Dodgers.

When the Cubs are down, they’re moving up.  Dodgers beware!

Jake Arrieta gets the start for the Cubs, tonight from Wrigley Field.

Fly the ‘W!’

Admittedly, this is yesterday’s post, refurbished.


Cubs Throw D.C. A Curve

The 5th game deciding the Division play-offs.  Cubs, and Nationals.

The Cubs lost no time scoring the first run but, the game was far from over.

Early on it was looking good for the Nats in the 2nd as they took a 4-1 lead. 

Strasburg was not going to be used against the Cubs but, lurking in the shadows was Max Scherzer.

Scherzer came on but, so did the Cubs as Scherzer was ineffective in relief, and the Cubs score 4 in the 5th.  

This was not Kyle Hendrick’s night, either.  Bullpens on both sides were saturated with all pitchers; Starters, and relievers.

This game took 4.5 hours, and then some to go 9.  Only the Cubs can shake my nerves like this for almost 5 hours.  Can’t they just win? 

It could have been anybody’s game, and Cubs fans were shaken by that fact as D.C. pushed ahead, again midway through this telethon.

…Unbelievable?  Well, statistically the game shouldn’t have ended like it ended.  You can understand why my nerves were shot as the Cubs were holding on to a 1 run lead.  Bryce Harper is up with Davis on the mound for the Cubs.

Don’t misunderstand.  Davis is good…very good but, Harper has a reputation.  A hitter’s hitter.  If he swats it, I go to a medium depressed state. 

Davis was working above, and beyond Harper’s reputation. Davis struck him out to end the Nats hopes of pushing ahead.

Now we’ve got the Cubs facing the Dodgers in the NLCS.  

 Fly the W!

More videos, pics, and commentary on the plate at home.


It’s A Contest @ 1-1

Washington, and Chicago in Washington, and it’s all tied up at one game each in the NLDS.

It looked as though the Cubs would be set down by the Nats in game one.  The Cubs were not hitting early but, came back for the win 3-0.  Kyle Hendricks was teasing the Nationals in game one, and got stronger through the game.

Game 2, not so good.  The Cubs were enabled with a long shot by Anthony Rizzo but, Bryce Harper was able to mete out a long shot of his own for Washington. 

Okay, so now it’s 1-1, and it all shifts to Wrigley Field on Monday, 3pm CDT.

Fly that W, and remember for in depth coverage of the Cubs, there’s no place like home.

One More Time In 2017 Regular Season

It might be a good fit for Cubs fans as the Cubs clinched their division in their long standing division rival St. Louis Cardinals home park.   What makes it better is the Cubs closed it out with a win to clinch without having to do the arithmetic based solely on a Milwaukee loss.

A little insult to injury includes a 4 game series win in St. Louis.

That whole scenario after St. Louis has a history of beating up on the Cubs.  Not in recent history but, historically going back a few years that is true.

Cubs in the last game of the regular season at Wrigley Field are hosting the Reds in hopes of a 3 game sweep.

Looking forward, the Cubs have a playoff with Washington in Washington on Friday.

Follow the path home to follow the Cubs en- route to the Series.

Fly that W!


WWMDA?????  Missing During Action????

Admittedly I seem to have abandoned this blog right in the middle of the season or, shortly thereafter.

Really; My absence from this blog, and not the other blog has an explanation but, it is coupled with my laziness so, I won’t explain any further.  

The abandonment could be explained but, I’m back for the final stretch.

Okay, in real life truth be told, it was mostly my laziness, and fatigue.

Upon re-focusing down the stretch, the Cubs are locked with the Cards in a Sunday afternoon contest at Wrigley Field with the Cubs winning their last 5.  

The Cubs holding onto a 4 game lead in the N.L. Central over Milwaukee.  

As I leave you this Sunday, the Cubbies go ahead of St. Louis in the 7th courtesy of a base hit rbi from Jason Heyward.

Well okay then; Twisting my arm, last chance to make it clear before a Special Prosecutor is assigned, it was me being lazy.   Are you happy now?  That actually feels better; I need to lay down.


Cubs Need Nat Relief

The Cubs have lost their last 3.  2 to D-backs, and 1 to Washington.

The good news: Even with that losing streak, the Cubs lead their division by a half game.

The Cubs have 2 afternoon contests beginning today at Wrigley Field with the Nationals, and will close out the home stand on Sunday.  The Cubs then head for San Francisco for a Monday night contest.

John Lackey starts for the Cubs on Saturday.  Edwin Jackson, the former Cub will start for the Nats.

I’ve been doing a little bit of research, and if the Nats begin to mount an attack here is how Lackey can put a stop to it  before it gets out of control.

There’s more Cubs info. available only across the plate at home.


Cubs Increase Octane To Finish

….and while we’re at it, why not two tigers in the tank?  

As this very successful 1960’s advertising campaign suggested, the Cubs had follow through with a dip in to their highly talented youth movement to obtain some pitching, and catching from Detroit before the trade deadline.


From the top prospect list, Detroit will receive Jeimer Candelario, Isaac Paredes a shortstop from class A, and a player to be named later or, the Cubs will pay out some dollars to the Tigers.

First, the Cubs have added to the left side of the bullpen with pitcher, Justin Wilson running well below a  3.00 ERA.

But wait!  Yes, you guessed it; There’s more!

The Cubs got some more help behind the plate from former Tigers backup catcher, Alex Avila who comes to the Cubs with a .274 BA.

The Cubs have an off day, today after securing 2 wins from the Brewers out of 3 played in Milwaukee.  

Wrigley Field will be open for business again, beginning tomorrow night as the Cubs will play 3 ea. with the D-backs, and Nats.

In other Cubs news, Steve Bartman, the fan who reached out for a foul ball in 2003, and wrongly accused of costing the Cubs a playoff spot was given a World Series ring by, the top management of the ball club.  The Cubs management team wanted to somehow make up for a wrong, and make it right.

Bartman reportedly gratefully received the gift, and advised the press through the Cubs organization that his only statement would be his communication with the Cubs. 

The press was full of accusations of Bartman costing the Cubs an opportunity to go further in post season play in 2003.  Personally, I think some of that blame goes out to the natural reaction of Cubs fielder in pursuit, Moises Alou.

Bartman reacted like several other fans next to him.  It just so happens Bartman was located in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Closest to the ball.

The opportunities for the Cubs to go further in 2003 had nothing what so ever to do with Bartman.  

It was up to the Cubs to win or, lose.  They lost, and that team can blame itself for not scoring more runs, or a pitcher on that team not being more effective with the opposing line-up.  

If I wanted to get more direct, and precise about the whole thing, I could ask Moises Alou why he didn’t get one more hit than he did get?  

I expect more from an MLB player than, just maintaining his
anti-fan attitude.  He should be first in line apologizing for his less than professional attitude.

If the fan base doesn’t exist, neither does Moises Alou.

To tie the Cubs loss in that game to one foul ball is ridiculous, and Bartman did not deserve the negative notoriety brought on by the press, and some of the fan base.

There’s more on the 1st place Cubs at home.

Winner 2017 Crosstown Cup

The Cubs get another Crosstown Cup to their credit, winning 3 of 4 from the White Sox this past week.

On to Miller Park, and a 2-1 loss to begin the 1st of 3 with the Brewers.

Talk about living life in the past, I almost referred to the Brewers as the Braves. Keyboarding the first 3 letters were very telling by the time I got to letter number 3.

Jason Heyward covered ground in Milwaukee like an All-Star as reported at home.

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