Padres Sweep The Sweep

The brooms were ready for a sweep at Wrigley but, housekeeping became unnecessary for the Cublets as the sweep was swept out of the stats by the Padres.

Heyward on the DL, and Schwarber to spend some time in Iowa.

This Cubs squad seems to be a little tired but, should be getting some help from Iowa to cover Heyward, and Schwarber’s spots.

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Mets Monster Blew Me Away

It was only but a few days ago that I was blown away by the Mets Monster but, then the Cubs blew away the Mets Monster.  However, the monster thing blew up on me when the Mets put the Cubs away in the last of 3.  That blew me away.

I needed a day off…..or so to sleep through this.  The Cubs went on to Pittsburgh, and won 2 out of 3.   ….And now, the Cubs prep to take a broom out, and remove the Padres from Wrigley Field.

Tomorrow night, the Cubs begin a new road trip from Miami.  

We are obviously close to the half way point where last year Bryant, and Rizzo were inching in on .300 batting averages with many other regulars mixing it up in the .270+ area.  

The pitching ERAs were lower overall, last year with some needing to move the ERA back this year, down at least a point if not closer to 2.

I’m not saying the Cubs don’t have an outside chance at some Championship play this year, it’s just that last year that chance was more than an outside chance from the inside, out.

I hope I’m wrong, and these guys can put together a super 2nd half this year as they did last year from the start.

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Cubs Meet Mets Monster

It was a one way street, and there was a Mets Monster at the end of the street.

It was a lop-sided game last night, where the Cubs got only 1 run.  Cubs & Mets coming back with game 2 from New York, tonight.

The 2017 MLB Draft continues, and most of that news as it applies to the Cubs is available at home.

Rocks Stop Rolling At Wrigley

This isn’t good!  When Rocks roll, Cubs don’t, and they haven’t as of late.

After the Miami Marlins swam offshore and left the premises at Wrigley Field with a win, the Cubs have not been winning.  Besides the loss to the Marlins, the Cubs are in danger of a 4 game sweep at Wrigley by the Rockies.

The Cubs really seemed to have found that simultaneous groove with hitting, and pitching but, as of late; dropped the ball.  

The day before yesterday was the day before yesterday, and enough was enough.  Time to once again, move in to the groove.

A Cubs won yesterday to prevent a Rockies sweep, and propel the Cubs out on the road to New York on a 1 game win streak. 

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I go away, and the Cubs are in charge of the deck as they sweep the Cards then, the Cubs go and beat the Marlins twice like a fish out of water before finally giving up one to Florida at Wrigley.  Kind of like a fish in water.

Colorado is in for 4 before the Cubbies head to New York for 3, and Pittsburgh for 3 before returning to Wrigley Field against the Padres.

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Covfefe Is Tough To Overcome

The President of the United States has leaked classified covfefe in a tweeted communication.

Now everybody in Major League Baseball is aware of it, and covfefe obviously favors Southern California teams.  We have to ask ourselves what would be happening if the covfefe communique was never leaked.

To be honest, I don’t think covfefe is an effective agent in Major League Baseball but, in this day, and age of ‘fake news,’ it sounds good, anyway.

Back to reality, the Cubs lost to San Diego yesterday, and now the Cubs are up against a 6 game losing streak into Wrigley Field to begin a 3 game series against St. Louis on Friday afternoon.

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Southern Cal Swing and A Miss

A visit to Dodger Stadium was a sweep for the home team.  A 3 game losing streak for the Cubs.

San Diego should be a break but, no, not really.  First two against the Padres was a Dodger Stadium replay as far as the W-L ledger goes.

The offense is much the same as the 2016 World Champions but, tapping in to the same offense is not as easy as last year.  Last year, the Cubs had momentary lapses on their way to 103 wins.  

This year, the Cubs have gotten momentary streaks of hitting, and momentary streaks of pitching all for a below .500 record, so far.

Big question, when does hitting, and pitching get in to a simultaneous winning groove just like last year?  

This is going to take some patience but, time is a factor, and very quickly this will not be a young season.

Will Theo Epstein have to become involved in a trade?  Who would be on the block for who?

I have no idea what Epstein has planned but, I guess it’s for Theo to know, and we’ll find out.

Not to be left in waiting, let’s hope the Cubs perfect the connect in San Diego, today.

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Giant Task Completed; Cubs Can’t Dodge Avalanche By Dodgers

The Cubs seemed to pull themselves together with a 3 game win tab vs. the Giants at Wrigley Field, and just as quick as they seemed to pull it all together……..  

The Cubbies suited up for a getaway to Southern California.  It was another Joe Maddon Sunday best getaway.  All the gaudy suits the Cubs could put together made for a show in Vegas.

The Cubbies showed up in Southern California looking to continue their 3 game streak but instead, started a new streak much to the delight of the home fans at Dodger Stadium. 

The Cubs dodged Dodger Clayton Kershaw scoring 4 runs on Kershaw.  Looking good but, it was a minor hitting avalanche compared to the run scoring avalanche by, the Dodgers.

The Cubs could not get out of Los Angeles soon enough after losing 3 straight.

Watch out, San Diego….Cubs coming in on a redemption tour but, just as I’m confident in redemption, the Cubbies lose game 1 in San Diego.

It’s still a young season but, pretty soon it won’t be, and Theo Epstein still has time to work some magic. 

Working On A Giant Task

Two of four down, with two to go, one up, one down.  Am I making myself clear?  Sure, I am.  Makes sense to me.  What remains on this home stand is a Giant Task x 2.

Two more with the Giants with the two teams splitting the first two games.  A night game tonight followed by, a Thursday day time contest at Wrigley Field.

The Cubs move on to California beginning with a night time contest on Friday at Dodger Stadium.

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Sometimes A Man’s Gotta Dance What A Man’s Gotta Dance


Friday, the Cubs were only half the Brew from Milwaukee.  On Saturday the Cubs were twice as good with evidence of that caught in the video below.

If this isn’t enough dance for your eyes, stand by as
Grandpa David Ross dances in to the finals on this week’s
Dancing With The Stars on ABC-tv.

Then, there was the Sunday contest between the Cubs & Brewers at Wrigley Field with all the information at home.

The Giants are in to Wrigley Field for four before the Cubs take a stand in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium, and San Diego.

Saturday’s postponed game will be made up at a later date to be determined.






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